Atlanta Light Bulbs passes responsibility of delivery to the carrier at the time that the carrier picks up at our warehouse. Losses that occur during shipment are the responsibility of the carrier. Atlanta Light Bulbs will provide you (the buyer) with a tracking number and a toll free number for the carrier. It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact Atlanta Light Bulbs and notify us of any loss before the claim process can begin in cases where Atlanta Light Bulbs has prepaid and added freight to your order. In cases where your order has shipped on any account other than one belonging to Atlanta Light Bulbs recovering losses is entirely up to you (the buyer) to take up with the carrier. Atlanta Light Bulbs is not responsible for claims filed on any second or third party shipping accounts. Our standard method of shipping within the continental United States is FedEx Ground Service. Unfortunately, on rare occasions Atlanta Light Bulbs website may miscalculate freight charges. If any additional shipping cost is incurred due to miscalculation we will make every effort to contact you (the buyer) prior to shipment. We will not accept or ship the order until you (the buyer) have agreed to the new shipping charges. For online orders where a shipping cost cannot be calculated when the order is placed and the shipping amount shown is $0.00; additional freight will be added to the order and billed to your credit card at the time that the order is ready to ship and the correct charges can be determined.